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With Family Plots and Migratory Hubs In Its Crosshairs, The Border Wall Looms Large In Texas

October 15, 2018

After securing over $500 million in March to build a border barrier, the Department of Homeland Security has begun laying the foundation for the first miles of Donald Trump's long-promised wall. I traveled to Hidalgo County in the Rio Grande Valley to shine a light on this issue and document the longtime landowners, critical migratory hubs, endangered species, and protected public lands directly in its crosshairs.


Following Trump's Immigration Crackdown, Migrants Are Taking More Dangerous Routes Into The U.S.


This piece explores the dangerous ripple effects of the Trump administration's increasingly sharpening border policies through the eyes of humanitarian workers, desert search-and-rescue teams, and forensic specialists. All of them agree: the impact of the president's immigration policies could be ghastly for migrants entering the U.S.