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Since 1992, Revue has been Guatemala's English-language magazine. Promoting the country through pieces on culture, history, business, travel, and health, the publication has a broad readership among foreign diplomats, expats, tourists, and residents throughout Guatemala. 

The River, the Wall, and the Borderlands: A First-Generation American's Search For Answers Along His Country's Greatest Divide


Through stunning pictures and words, this narrative transports you to the Texas-Mexico border, where Austin Alvarado is traveling along the Rio Grande by bike, boat, and horse as a featured character in the upcoming documentary, The River and The Wall. In addition to detailing the impacts a physical border wall would have on the borderlands' vibrant wildlife and setting the stage for how this issue might play out, this story captures the culmination of Alvarado's lifelong journey as a first-generation American and the son of undocumented immigrants.