uShip is an online shipping marketplace that helps shipping customers and truckers come together over a common goal: filling empty truck space. Using an eBay-style auction model, people can list their items on uShip and field bids from interested truckers who would like to move their goods.

As an in-house marketing associate, my responsibilities included:

  • Writing and editing all copy
  • Product marketing copy
  • Newsletter editing
  • Blog writing

Full Lakes Mean Full Wallets For uShip Drivers

June 15, 2016

A call to action aimed at the website's thousands of truckers to remind them that uShip is the premiere shipping marketplace for summer fun. More shipments spells more money for these carriers. 

How uShip Offset Over 5,000 Tons of C02 In The Last Decade

April 21, 2016

A by-the-numbers breakdown of how uShip's shared economy and green shipping business strategy has enabled it to offset (literally) tons of C02 emissions since 2006.

UK Shipping Wars: Russell Oliver Character Profile

June 16, 2016

Feature on Russell Oliver aka "The Pukka Trucker." Oliver is one of the most beloved cast members of "Shipping Wars UK", a British spin-off of the popular American television series "Shipping Wars."